Yeditepe University, founded by Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation (İSTEK) in 1996; a pioneer in many areas of Turkey, elegant, contemporary In the light of Ataturk's ideas with academic and administrative staff, researchers, innovative, all the qualities needed by the business world and have the equipment, knowledge of technology, which recognizes the world's cultures, strengthen the self-identity of young people aims to develop. Our university provides education for the information age with its contemporary academic programs and practices.

All programs used in our university should be run on the same database, these programs should be integrated into each other, the programs in use; It presents in the most efficient way by organizing in line with changing laws, regulations and regulations.
In the field of informatics; By following the hardware, software and data communication units, it follows the technological developments in accordance with its vision, mission and strategy, and provides the necessary information services to the service of our university by making the necessary analyzes in line with the development of technology.

Our Mission
To follow the developments in the field of technology closely, to establish the necessary infrastructure that will contribute to the work of the students, administrative and academic staff we serve within our University, and to ensure the continuity of the works in a dynamic, efficient and effective manner by supporting them with the practices suitable for today's technology.

Our vision
By closely following the developments in information technologies; to present all information services requirements to our university in a fast, uninterrupted and reliable way.

Our University Information Technology Department (BİM) creates value for all locations of our University in the following fields of activity:

  • Software Programming
  • Businness Analysis and Testing
  • Project Management
  • System and Network
  • Web Development
  • Technical support