Starting this day, all the institutional users (both academical and administrative) can access their e-mails with Yeditepe extensions via .

Things to do and bear in mind:

1. By clicking on the address, user will try to access the google interface using his or her Yeditepe account.

2. If the user cannot access the account, he or she has to visit address and enter the necessary credentials. After gaining access, user should click on the “Options” menu (On the top right hand corner) and change the password from the “Change Password” panel Afterwards, user should try to access with his or her Yeditepe account and the new password determined. These new passwords will also become the passwords for the office computer of the user.

3. All new e-mail correspondence will be via address. Due to this fact, users should follow their mails using the new address.

4. Old mailbox access will continue and users can access via address. Yet, address will no longer be used for sending and/or receiving e-mails.

5. It will be possible to transfer e-mails that users keep on their Outlook software into webmail. A detailed manual will be prepared for the transfer and will be shared on

6. User can follow the directives on address to setup the e-mail that he or she transferred to Cloud into the Outlook software.

Note: Detailed information about the problems faced by the academic and administrative staff regarding their e-mails can be accessed through the wiki (from the articles under the correct topic in the left menu). Click to access the wiki.


We would like to mention that the reason we need the users to complete these steps is the extraordinary time and working conditions we are in at the moment and we wish you all a healthy day.


No changes have been made to the e-mails that students are using (with the extension Students should reach the relevant faculty secretaries for the problems they encounter with